IAG provides world-class consultancy services to specialist areas within the aviation community.  One of our core areas of expertise is the delivery of consultancy services to operators of the Lockheed C130J Super Hercules and naturally the other Hercules variants.  Our knowledge is vested in part of our management team which comprises of ex C130J Captains and Air Loadmasters with in excess of 10,000 flying hours and widely acknowledged as leading subject matter experts. This experience has been obtained through senior positions within the fields of Crew Training, (ab initio conversion to type, instructor training, tactical training, tactical instructor training), Standards Evaluation and Flight Test Development (Design and Operational), as well as Special Forces Operations.

We also have a broad and comprehensive network which extends to recent operators and Tac flying instructors of the C130J, both in the RAF and RAAF for both front and rear crew. We have links with organisations such as QinetiQ, Inzpire, 3G Aviation, J2 Aircraft Dynamics and our consultants have provided services for RNoAF, RAF, Airborne Systems Europe, Airbus Military (A400M) and Embraer Defence (KC390).  Many of the current RAF and RAAF Operational practices, procedures and equipment have resulted from recommendations, development and operator training conducted by our management and associates.

Our project team has in depth knowledge of C130J Strategic and Tactical Operations and incorporates:

  • C130J Tactical Flying Instructors (CFS accredited)
  • C130J Tactical Air Load Master Instructors
  • C130J Tactical Simulator Instructor
  • RAF/AD trained riggers and role equipment specialists

Our experience Includes:

  • SF Operations & Tactics
  • Operational Deployments
  • Test & Evaluation
  • Operational Evaluation
  • Train the Trainers and Human Factors accredited