Aircraft Charter

Aircraft charter traditionally involves working through a broker who will scatter the requirement among various aviation companies and then, add a commission to the operators fee so that the client receives a ‘package price’. This method inevitably leads the client to the cheapest aircraft operator on which the broker can add most commission.

At the IAG, we recognize that chartering an aircraft is not cheap and safety, discretion and specific requirements are the most important requirements. We therefore operate on a flat fee basis rather commission. This allows us to work discreetly on your behalf within our extensive network to find you the best deal that meets your exact requirements.

For passenger charters, we tend not to operate through the normal operator channels and often use privately owned, professionally operated assets that ‘piggy back’ on established charter companies Aircraft Operating Certificates when not being utilized by their owners. Private operators tend to employ the best pilots and therefore, clients are guaranteed a highly professional and discrete service.

At IAG, we also specialize in non-standard freight charter and long term charters for specific requirements.



Emergency Charters

We also specialise in emergency and relief charters and leases into countries with disaster and humanitarian emergency requirements. We are able to have aircraft and helicopters ready within 48 hours to react immediately.

Contact IAG on +44 203 3030030 to discuss your specific requirements and we will offer objective advice on whether we are well placed to assist you. We operate on the basis of total transparency and if your requirement is very straightforward and we can’t add value, we will recommend free of charge the most suitable aircraft operating company for you to contact directly.


Hajj charters 2016

We have a specialist department just for the annual Hajj pilgrimage and special Hajj Charters. Aircraft/Airplane charter for the Hajj is quite complex and involves careful planning and previous experience. Our Hajj department has many years of experience in planning and operating aircraft charters on the Hajj and we even have an office in Jeddah during the Hajj period to ensure that there are no problems. Our Hajj aircraft charters are available from 1000 pilgrims and have no limit as many countries have in excess of 10,000 pilgrims.

We work closely with many Hajj companies and Hajj Airlines as only certain airlines are accreditied Hajj Airlines so if your Hajj committee is now planning for Hajj 2016 we would welcome your enquiry.