The International Aviation Group (IAG), a United Kingdom company, consists of a team of world-class aviation specialists operating within the Humanitarian, Commercial, Military and Civilian aviation fields. We are wholly independent of any manufacturers and other vested interests and will therefore provide the very best, objective advice and services to your Government, your Military and of course your Civil Aviation Authority, regarding any civilian or military aviation project. – partnered with Qualitair, a Ranstad company, the 2nd largest Human Resource company in the world

We specialise and have world-wide experienced teams in the following areas:

  • Supplying helicopters and aircraft (civilian and military)
  • Supplying pilot and engineer training
  • Supplying support and spares
  • Start-up airline feasibility studies
  • Establishing and operating new international airlines
  • Design, build and operating Airports
  • Runway design and build
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair Overhaul) – building and operating centres
  • MRO EASA 145 & Engineers Academies EASA 147
  • Hercules Tac’ Training
  • SAR Training & Capability
  • Establishing and operating an international aviation academy
  • Supplying pilots and engineers

We can of course provide more services than those above but these are some of our main areas of expertise.